Yamaha YBB321S BBb Intermediate Tuba

$7,495.00 $6,995.00

The Yamaha YBB-321S Double B Flat Intermediate silver plated tuba is an excellent choice for those who demand a high quality BBb tuba sound, yet want to stay within a budget. The Yamaha Intermediate tuba features a strong warm tone, and is easy to play, and has accurate intonation. A fourth valve extends the range of this step-up model.

Whether you're playing in an ensemble or solo, the Yamaha YBB-321 BBb Tuba is able to match your playing needs thanks to the high degree of workmanship, durable construction, and easy playability which makes it a great choice for a next step up in your Tuba playing.

The Yamaha YBB-321 BBb Intermediate Tuba features include:

  • Key: BBb
  • Valves: Top 4 pistons
  • Bell: Yellow brass 443mm (17-1/2")
  • Bore: 18.5-19.5mm (0.728-0.768")
  • Finish: Silver plate
  • Mouthpiece: 67C4
Made by Yamaha
Level: Intermediate
Type: Tuba

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