Yamaha YBL421GE Bass Trombone


The Yamaha YBL-421GE Bass Trombone is an intermediate model Bass Trombone which features many of the same qualities as the top professional Yamaha models, while still being an affordable price. As it has the same bell and bore size as the professional models, the Yamaha YBL-421GE Trombone will give you a truly rich and full sound.

The Yamaha YBL-421GE Bass Trombone features include:


  • Key: Bb/F
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Bore: LL .563″
  • Bell: 9-1/2″ Gold Brass
  • Outer Slide: Nickel Silver
  • Inner Slide: Nickel Silver
  • Wrap: Traditional
  • Valve: Rotor


Made by Yamaha
Level: Intermediate
Type: Bass

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