Yamaha YCR2330 British Style Cornet


The Yamaha YCR2330 British Style Cornet is based on the design of the hugely successful YCR-2330 while offering improved sound and playability. The ML-bore size helps you get a quick and easy response, making it perfect for beginners. The modified two-piece yellow brass bell, round lead-pipe and newly designed heavier valve caps offer a full sound and great projection.

The Yamaha YCR2330 British Style Cornet features include:

  • Mouthpiece: CR-11E5
  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: ML .459”
  • Weight: Medium
  • Bell: 4 - 2/3" Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Comes with: CR-11E3 mouthpiece
Made by Yamaha
Level: Student
Type: Cornet

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