Yamaha YCR8335GS Neo Cornet

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The Yamaha YCR8335GS Neo Cornet allows you to play with a greater breadth of tone and expressive emotion that will let you create another level of music. The use of gold brass for the lead-pipe, connection tube and main tuning slide gives the Yamaha Neo Cornet a rich, flexible sound and excellent response in the higher register. Developed with 3 of the brass band world's most successful cornet players and conductors, the Neo Cornet brings new musical possibilities to both solo and band performances.

The Yamaha YCR8335CS Neo Cornet features include:

  • One-piece bell for great tonal colours and improved response
  • Heavy weight
  • British style
  • Silver plated
Made by Yamaha
Level: Professional
Type: Cornet

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