Yamaha YEP201S 3 Valve Euphonium

$3,295.00 $2,795.00

The Yamaha YEP201S 3 Valve Euphonium has a durable construction and full sound that makes it ideal for school use. The Yamaha Euphonium shares features with many of the top-of-the-line models, as well as a rich, full tone and quick efficient response that will make it easy to play. The YEP-201 is an excellent alternative for younger players, or when budget is a strong consideration. The Yamaha Euphonium is lighter weight than more advanced models making it easier to hold and play, but still features a big full sound, and easy response.

The Yamaha YEP201S 3 Valve Euphonium features include:

  • Key: Bb
  • Valves: 3 top action 
  • Bell: 280mm (11") 
  • Bore: 14.5mm (0.571") 
  • Finish: Clear lacquer 
  • Silver plated
  • Mouthpiece: 48 
  • With convertible leadpipe for marching: YEP-201M/YEP-201MS (special order)
Made by Yamaha
Level: Your first instrument, Student
Type: Euphonium

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