Yamaha YFH631G Flugelhorn


The Yamaha YFH631G Flugelhorn is the traditional Yamaha flugelhorn used by many of the world's leading musicians. The tone of the Yamaha Flugelhorn is characterised by an extremely round, mellow sound with an abundance of tonal colour. It features a gold-brass bell for a soft dark sound and a beautiful lacquer finish.

The Yamaha YFH631G Flugelhorn features include:

  • Bb Flugelhorn
  • Gold-brass, Bell: 152mm (6")
  • Bore size MS: 11.00mm (0.433")
  • 3rd valve slide trigger
  • Clear lacquer
  • Mouthpiece: 11F4
Made by Yamaha
Level: Intermediate
Type: Flugelhorn

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