Yamaha YSL154 Student Bb Trombone - Lacquer


Student trombones need to be reliable and well made due to the importance of the slides. The Yamaha student trombone is built with quality materials to exacting specifications and will give the beginning trombonist the best possibility of a hassle-free experience. 

The Yamaha YSL-154 Student Bb Trombone with a lacquer finish is durable with a great sound, and easy to play, making it ideal for new musicians. The Yamaha YSL-154 Trombone features may of the qualities of their top pro models, while still being affordable. The response of the YSL-154 Trombone is quick, the intonation is accurate, and the sound is rich and full.

The Yamaha YSL-154 Student Bb Trombone features include:

  • Key: Bb
  • Weight: Standard
  • Bell Material: Yellow-brass bell
  • Bell size: 204.4mm (8")
  • Quality hard case with shoulder strap
  • Mouthpiece: SL-48S
Made by Yamaha
Level: Your first instrument, Student
Type: Bb

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