Yamaha YTR9445NYS C Trumpet

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The Yamaha YTR-9445NYS C Trumpet has been designed in consultation with Robert Sullivan, an outstanding trumpeter and educator. With the Yamaha YTR-9445NYS Trumpet you'll be able to create music with impressive tonal colour, projection, intonation and everything else you need.

The Yamaha YTR-9445NYS C Trumpet features include:

  • Key: C
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Bell material: Yellow brass
  • Tapering thickness
  • One-piece bell
  • Bell Diameter: 123mm (4-7/8")
  • Bore size: L bore, 11.73mm (0.462")
  • Finish: Silver plate
  • Mouthpiece: TR17B4


Made by Yamaha
Level: Professional
Type: C

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