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EZIPLAN School Band Instrument Hire

EZIPlan Student Instrument Rental Program - Give your child a head start with a quality musical instrument, no deposit and fast approval. All our rental instruments are student instruments from reputable manufacturers. Brands and quantities are subject to availability at the time

Not sure whether to hire or buy? 

New students often don't know if they will take to the instrument. Hire an instrument first to find out!

With EZIPLAN you can apply to buy your instrument at any time. All your rental fees for the first 12 months can be used towards the purchase of your instrument. Plus, from 12 - 24 months a further 50% of rental fees paid can be used. For example, an instrument with a purchase price* of $899, hired for 12 months for $44 per month, will be yours for a final payment of only $371. Or you can simply continue to hire for as long as you wish. Please note that the buy-out price is based on the Contract Value (full price) of the instrument and you may be able to purchase for less than the Contract Value by buying a new instrument outright at our discount prices.

Please note that if you continue renting after the 24 month point and decide to buy out the instrument there will still be a one-off payment to make.

For a fast approval:

  • Download an application form from the RELATED DOCUMENTS section below. 
  • Please be sure to fill in ALL fields or approval of your application may be delayed. 
  • If you are coming to the store be sure to bring a photo ID showing your current address, your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and the contact details of an alternative contact (in case you change your email or phone number and neglect to tell us).
  • If you are self employed or own your own company, we require the contact details of your accountant.

Please note:

  • you must be 18 or older and have a valid Australian driver's licence or other form of government issued photo ID showing your current address
  • you must have an Australian credit card (prepaid debit cards are not accepted)
  • the credit card holder must be the same person whose details and signatures are on the form
  • you must be able to provide the required information on the Hire Form or approval may be delayed

Terms and Conditions
When you sign the Rental Agreement you agree that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the agreement. These are available to download in the Related Documents section at the bottom of this article.

In a nutshell, you will be agreeing that you will ensure the instrument is maintained by keeping it clean, safe, and free from mishandling. You also agree that should it require repair beyond reasonable wear and tear you will be responsible for payment for the repair. As well, if the instrument is lost or irreparably damaged you will be liable for the full contract value of the instrument minus any applicable rebates.

If you are emailing, faxing or posting your form, please also include:

  • a legible photocopy of your driver's license or other valid government issued photo ID showing your current address
  • a legible photocopy of the front and back of your credit card*

*Credit cards must have a minimum of 12 months remaining before expiry date 

Approval of Rental Applications

All rental applications made by completing the application set out in this website or in store, are subject to and must comply with our standard internal approval criteria. We reserve the right to refuse service when it complies with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Any decisions will be final.

Preloved Instruments minimum hire period 1 month. Limited quantities available
Preloved flutes from $40 per month 
Preloved B Flat clarinets from $40 per month
Preloved saxophones from $45 per month 
Preloved trumpets from $40 per month 
Preloved trombones from $40 per month
Preloved oboes from $150 per month 
Single French horns and low brass also available - please ask
We are unable to reserve or hold preloved instruments. Hire is on a first in-best dressed basis!

New instruments - minimum hire period 3 months
New flutes from $62 per month
New B Flat clarinets from $55 per month
New saxophones from $70 per month (Buffet 100 )
New trumpets from $62 per month 
New trombones from $45 per month (Sierman)
New oboes from $215 per month
Single French horns and low brass also available - please ask 

Please note: The information we collect from you is subject to the Privacy Act. Your credit card details are protected. Your personal information is not shared unless in the normal running of our business, for example to a debt collection agency.

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