La Tromba Cork Grease Large 100g Tub


Large 100g tub - great for teachers and school bands! Amazing value!

Please note: The actual colour of the grease may vary.

Take care of the tenon joints on your woodwind instruments with the La Tromba Cork Grease. The La Tromba Grease protects the corks from moisture and keeps the cork smooth.

The La Tromba Cork Grease is a high tech product among lubricants. It is very temperature-stable, ageing resistant and prevents jamming of the corks. These outstanding qualities make it the ultimate grease for music instruments. It is also used exclusively in our workshop.

  • Ideal lubricating quality
  • Prevents jamming of the slides
  • Repels condensation
  • Keeps the corks smooth
  • Temperature-stable
  • Very adhesive
  • Non-ageing

How to use Cork and Tuning Slide Grease

Before applying the grease, always make sure that the tenons and tuning slides are clean, free from any small dirt particles and old grease. Do not apply to flute joints or trombone slides.

Whether applying to tuning slides or the tenons of woodwind instruments, the method is the same. Scrape a little grease out of the tub with your index finger or a cotton bud, then rub it gently around the cleaned tenons or tuning slides. Always use sparingly, just enough to have the desired effect. After replacing the joints or slides, wipe away any excess grease.

Made by La Tromba

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