La Tromba Key Oil 22ml


La Tromba Key oil is a slightly viscous silicon based key oil with silicone and is suitable for all woodwind instruments including flutes, clarinets, oboes, and saxophones. It will enhance the smooth running and reduces noise of the keys. La Tromba Key Oil has a long life, will give an even distribution and excellent lubricating properties. The tip design ensures very economical use. 

This key oil comes in a leak proof 8ml bottle, ideal for carrying inside an instrument case, ready for a quick, easy and clean application. It is best used sparingly for smooth, noise-free key action.

  • Apply between key ends and pillars.
  • Reduces key noise and ensures smooth action.
  • Exact dosage
  • 100% acid free
  • Excellent lubrication qualities
  • Helps to prevent corrosion
  • Made in Switzerland
Made by La Tromba

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