Yamaha YCL681II Clarinet E Flat


Special order.

The Yamaha YCL-681II Professional Eb Clarinet will give you the well-balanced, responsive performance you're looking for. You'll be able to enjoy meticulous hand-craftsmanship with the tone holes being undercut by hand, while the keys are hand-adjusted to make sure each Yamaha Clarinet is just right.

The YCL-681II Clarinet incorporates many of the features and design characteristics of the YCL-881 Custom Eb Clarinet. The Yamaha Professional Clarinet has an attractive warm sound that can either blend with an ensemble or project a solo passage, ideal for doubling players who need a top quality professional instrument at an affordable price.

The Yamaha YCL-681II Professional Eb Clarinet features include:

  • Grenadilla body
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cap
  • Yamaha 4C Eb mouthpiece


Made by Yamaha
Level: Professional
Type: Eb

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