Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece


Designed for a range of playing levels and styles, the Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece combines an easy to play design with a well-balanced tone and precision. The Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece is the gold standard when it comes to mouthpieces, made from moulded plastic and offering the flexibility you require.

The Yamaha Mouthpiece comes in a range of tip opening sizes from 3C (the smallest) to 7C (the largest), giving you different options and playing characteristics to choose from. Wider tip openings provide consistent intonation and an easy response with a good, clear tone, while narrow tip openings let you achieve a more focused sound with greater volume and projection, as well as a richer tone quality and easier vibrato.

The Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece features include:

  • Tip opening: 1.70mm
  • Facing: 31.0mm
  • Material: high-quality phenol resin
  • Ligature: not included
Made by Yamaha
Type: Bass

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