Legere Signature B Flat Clarinet Synthetic Reed


Single reed.

Now being used by some of Australia's most prominent players, the Legere Bb Clarinet Signature Synthetic Reeds deliver all the depth and warmth that players need. The Signature Series reeds are the ideal solution for elite players that want something extra and haven't yet found the perfect sound with other reeds.

The Signature Series for Clarinet respond without hesitation. They are thinner and stiffer than a traditional cane reed, making them easy to play and beautifully free-blowing. They produce a pristine, centered sound with colourful overtones.

This reed is bright yet focused, which is why it’s preferred worldwide by advanced and professional players in both jazz and classical settings.

Enjoy a whole other dimension to the already-rich Legere sound with the Signature Series reeds, which have been tested by top professionals, including Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson.

The Legere Bb Clarinet Signature Synthetic Reed features include:

  • Instant response
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Tough, durable and long lasting
  • Single reed ONLY 
Made by Legere
Type: Bb

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