Plasticover by D'Addario B Flat Clarinet Reeds

$43.99 $32.00

Box of 5 reeds. Due to recent box design changes, the box may differ in appearance to that shown.

Designed to resist moisture and climate changes, the Plasticover Bb Clarinet Reeds are ideal for use in outdoor ensembles such as marching band, or for doublers who need to make quick changes between instruments. Whether in moist tropics or in desert heat, the Plasticover Reed responds instantly. The durable coating also provides a clear, projecting tone, making Plasticover a favourite with jazz, studio and pop musicians.

The Plasticover Bb Clarinet Reed features include:

  • Coated with plastic to resist changes in moisture and climate
  • Coating provides durability and clear tone
  • Most flexible grade of cane for instant response
  • French-filed for fast response
Made by D'Addario
Type: Bb

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