Ergobrass French Horn Support


The ERGObrass French Horn Support will help you hold up your French Horn over longer periods of playing without you having to deal with tension and stress on your body. By using an ERGObrass support you'll be able to stay totally relaxed while playing, as well as feeling very comfortable.

After two years of world wide success with the ERGObone for Trombone players, ERGObrass Ltd proudly brings to you the second innovation: the ERGObrass for French Horn. The ERGObrass is an auxiliary device for all French Horn players that will give you a more comfortable, effective and healthy way of playing the French Horn.

Easily adjusted, the ERGObrass Support encourages a good performing posture and better breathing. The Horn will float lightly from the centre of gravity on a spring, allowing you to turn the Horn smoothly while you play.

Due to different physical structured french horns there are two different attaching plates to fit different horns. This is the set A and it is designed to fit Alexander 1103, many Hans Hoyer’s, Schmids and similar structured horn.

Made by Ergobrass

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