Yamaha YDS150 Digital Saxophone

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Play the saxophone anytime, anywhere. Featuring the Integrated Bell Acoustic System, the YDS-150 is a unique digital saxophone that lets you control the volume and still maintain a seamless sense of expressive unity with the instrument. This digital saxophone is a fusion of two technologies—acoustic and digital—and modeling. 

The mouthpiece has a design just like that of an acoustic saxophone for optimum blowing comfort, and the key layout ensures natural playability and smooth operation.

The whole instrument resonates along with your blowing, for naturally creating the delicate, breathy wind feel unique to the saxophone.

  • Volume control over a range of fifteen levels lets you play freely, without worrying about the place or time. The instrument can be played quietly at night, and with a set of headphones on, you can apply an ambient reverb and thoroughly immerse yourself in your performance.
  • Transform your breath into a variety of instrument sounds. In addition to the basic saxophone types of soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone and the wide variety of fifty-six related sounds, you can also select from and play nine other wind instruments.
  • Change the settings, sound adjustments, fingering, and other controls of the instrument to your liking with the dedicated smartphone app and make your joy of playing even deeper.
  • Play in Eb, Bb, or C


This dedicated app enhances the performance of the YDS-150 and further expands the range of sound creation—and includes instrument settings and sound editing. You can make detailed settings intuitively and visually from the app, that cannot be done on the instrument itself.

Made by Yamaha
Level: Your first instrument, Student, Intermediate, Professional
Type: Alto, Tenor

The key layout of the saxophone is essential for playability and feel, and the YDS-150 has been designed based on Yamaha’s flagship model of acoustic saxophone for the most natural playability and smoothest feel. In addition, you can use the dedicated app to change the fingering and customize it to your own needs.

The high-quality brass bell is made of the same material as used on Yamaha's acoustic saxophone. Drawing on our extensive know-how and experience of making acoustic instruments, we designed this bell to gorgeously reproduce the long reverberation peculiar to wind instruments as well as the delicate sonic nuances sounds when playing pianissimo. Moreover, the authentic resonance causes the entire instrument to vibrate, and lets you truly feel the music as you play it.

Breath Sensor Simply by blowing into the mouthpiece and playing the keys with correct fingering, you can produce a perfect acoustic saxophone sound—like a professional player—without having a perfect embouchure (mouth shape). The YDS-150 has a breath sensor that detects the intensity or pressure of your blowing, letting you minutely control not only the volume of the sound but also the tone.

Sampled sounds The YDS-150 uses sampled sounds of Yamaha's acoustic saxophones—soprano, alto, tenor and baritone—meticulously recorded in whole tones with professional players, letting you fully enjoy performing without any unnatural sound.

52 Presets The YDS-150 lets you instantly change the tonality, range, and timbre of each of the saxophone types—soprano, alto, tenor or baritone. Moreover, each of these saxophone types have different saxophone voices that correspond to various playing techniques and musical genres, from vibrato playing and jazz to classical music. In total, the YDS-150 has 73 instrument sounds, with 56 saxophone voices, and many other instrument sounds—including electronic instruments, as well as acoustic wind instruments such as shakuhachi, Irish pipe, and more—letting you perform authentically in virtually any music genre.

Extra Connection terminals Equipped with an Aux in terminal for connecting with other devices, such as smartphones and audio players. Only available when using headphones or outputting from the headphones terminal.

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