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Get ready to play with the B&S Challenger II Cornet. You can trust in the Challenger line Cornet to perform well for you with a quality construction that looks great and sounds better.

The B&S Challenger Cornet comes with:

  • Boxed springs
  • Monel pistons
  • Hand-hammered one piece bell
  • Nickel silver outer slides
  • Lacquer finish
  • 11,73mm/0.462" bore
  • 125mm/4.921" bell
  • Goldbrass bell and leadpipe
  • Trigger on 1st and 3rd valve slide
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The Bach Stradivarius Bb Cornet is a favourite of professionals with its superior design that is made to be the responsive instrument you need. The smooth tone of the Bach Cornet makes it perfect for coloratura work, slurring, triple tonguing, and other technical performances. With the mellow and rich tone, it's frequently used for melody playing. The Bach Stradivarius Cornet features include: • Key of Bb • 459" medium large bore • 4-13/16" hand-hammered, one-piece yellow brass bell • Monel valve pistons • Nickel silver tuning slide receiver • First valve slide thumb hoo... [view details]
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The Besson Prestige BE-2028 Bb Cornet is the instrument of choice for both soloists and top bands with a redesigned valve block and a fully adjustable microball main tuning slide trigger. The Besson BE-2028 Cornet has many of the playing characteristics of the old 921's and original International cornets that were really loved in the 70's. The Besson Prestige Cornet has an array of impressive tone colours and centred tone, as well as a main tuning slide trigger and dashing good looks. It offers a focused and intense sound with sensational valve action, so that you can deliver music as... [view details]
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The Besson Sovereign BE-928 Cornet has a large, full sound that will deliver whether you're in a brass band or a soloist. The Besson Cornet has a warmth and depth of tone, while also offering a brilliance and projection. Ideal for a variety of situations, the Besson Sovereign Cornet is the ultimate professional instrument. The Besson Sovereign BE-928 Cornet features include: • Key: Bb • Bore: .465 (11.84mm) • Bell diameter: 5 (124mm) • Weight: 1.10kg • Valves: 3 top center sprung monel • Water keys: 2 • 1st and 3rd valve triggers • Finishes: Lacquer or Silver P... [view details]
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Get the right introduction to playing the Cornet with the Cambridge Bb Student Cornet. The Cambridge Cornet is designed to be easy to play, so that beginners can focus on learning and developing their Cornet skills when they're getting started.

Choose from gold lacquer, or silver-plated or gold lacquer with 1st and 3rd slide trigger.

The Carol Brass CFL-6200 Flugelhorn is a fantastic flugelhorn with a satin lacquer bell finish. It has been endorsed by John Eth, Kris Johnson and Josh Shpak and will create a beautiful sound you can rely on. The Carol Brass CFL-6200-GSS-BB-SLB Flugelhorn features include: • Bb • 11.00 mm(0.433 in) bore • 152 mm(5.984 in) soldered wire rim gold brass bell • Yellow brass leadpipes • Yellow brass inside/nickel-silver outside tuning slides • Unique design 3rd valve slide trigger Included accessories: • Deluxe wood shell similar leather case • 3CFL large shank mo... [view details]
The Carol Brass CFL-9990 Professional Flugelhorn is made from 90% copper red brass and will help you create an incredibly warm sound. The Carol Brass CFL-9990-RSS-BBL Professional Flugelhorn features include: • Bb • 11.00 mm(0.433 in) bore • 152 mm(5.984 in) soldered wire rim red brass bell • Red brass inside/outside tuning slides • Red brass valve knuckles and all U bows • Unique design 3rd valve slide trigger • Red Brass Tubing • Slides & Bell • 3rd Slide Trigger • Lacquered Included accessories: • Deluxe wood shell similar leather case • 3C... [view details]
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The Carol Brass Intermediate Bb Cornet delivers a clear, warm sound from a good looking cornet with a satin lacquer finish. The Carol Brass Cornet is the perfect next step for intermediate players looking to get an instrument that matches their skill level. The Carol Brass CCR-3000-GSS-Bb-SLB Intermediate Bb Cornet features include: • 11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore • 120 mm(4.724 in) gold brass STANDARD/STANDARD bell • Yellow brass leadpipe • Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides • 1st valve slide hook • 3rd valve slide adjustable finger ring with stop screw Included accessories: • ... [view details]
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Amazing value, the Carol Brass Pro Bb Cornet is a cornet you can rely on. Not only does the Carol Brass Cornet sound good, but it also looks good with a silver plated finish and gold trim. The Carol Brass CCR-6880-GSS-SGG Pro Bb Cornet features include: • 11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore • 123 mm(4.843 in) soldered wire rim gold brass STANDARD/STANDARD bell • Gold brass leadpipe • Yellow brass inside/ Nickel silver outside tuning slides • 1st valve slide hook • 3rd valve slide adjustable finger ring with stop screw • Silver plating finishing with gold trim buttons/ caps/ valve slides Inclu... [view details]
The "Begin" starter cornet! The CarolBrass CCR-2000-YSS Cornet is an excellent student cornet with a standard size and weight yellow brass bell. The same top quality stainless steel pistons used throughout the CarolBrass range ensure years of trouble-free operation. Key: Bb Bore: ML (0.460";11.70mm) Bell material: Yellow brass Bell size: Standard #37 Bell thickness: Standard 0.024";0.6mm Bell diameter: 4.724" (120.00mm) Finishing: Clear Lacquer Leadpipe: Yellow brass Black Wooden Hard Shell Case CarolBrass® 7C mouthpiece Cleaning cloth La Tromba T2 Val... [view details]
The Stomvi Elite Flugelhorn combines traditional hand craftsmanship with new age technology and will blow you away. The Stomvi Flugelhorn lets the player create a great Flugel sound through the lower and higher registers, while also offering great focus and projection. The Stomvi Elite Flugelhorn features include: • Key: Bb • Bore: .460-inch • Leadpipe: #5 Flugelhorn • Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass • Bell: 6.5-inch #38 Flair • Bell Material: Copper • Valves: Monel Piston • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Trigger • Features: Vertical Valve Slides; Amado Water Keys • Comes with mouthp... [view details]
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Developed specifically for brass brands, the Stomvi Titan Brass Band Edition Bb Cornet will give you the sound that you're looking for. Impress your band mates and yourself with the Stomvi Titan Cornet. The Stomvi Titan Brass Band Edition Bb Cornet features include: • Bore: L 11.78mm • Leadpipe: #3 • Bell: #27 - Bellflex, Gold Brass or Copper • Bell diameter: 126mm • Main and 3rd slide trigger system • Nickel silver trim kit • Onyx inserts finger buttons • Original Stomvi mouthpiece and lightweight Protec case included There are three one piece hand hammered... [view details]

Create brilliant sounds with the Stomvi Titan Bb Copper Bell Cornet. The copper bell of the Stomvi Titan Cornet offers a warm, dark and mellow sound that is best suited for brass band and solo work.

The Stomvi Titan Copper Bell Bb Cornet features include:

  • Bore: L
  • Copper bell
  • Trigger on 1st and 3rd slides
  • Nickel silver trim kit
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Gold plated finish upon request
Model 5838-BIG The Stomvi Titan Eb Cornet BIG with copper bell is sure to blow you away with its fantastic sound and intonation. Get a Cornet that you can rely on to deliver superb music from Stomvi. The Titan series of instruments is named for Vicente's love of classical music and favourite piece: Mahler #1. The solid copper big bell gives warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work. It is played by the finest soprano cornet players in the world. The Stomvi Titan Eb Cornet features include: • Bore: M 11.5mm • Leadpipes: #8 & #21 (8 for co... [view details]

Get some extra warmth in your music with the Stomvi Titan Flugelhorn. The Stomvi Flugelhorn has a proprietary Bellflex brass alloy and build, meaning it has more resonance and easier playability, and making it great for those who play in brass bands. The design and piston regulation help keep it in tune, so you can spend more time playing and less time tuning!

The Stomvi Titan Flugelhorn features include:

  • Bore: S
  • Copper Bell - No.36 Bell
  • Silver plated
  • No. 3 Leadpipe
The Yamaha YCR2330 British Style Cornet is based on the design of the hugely successful YCR-2330 while offering improved sound and playability. The ML-bore size helps you get a quick and easy response, making it perfect for beginners. The modified two-piece yellow brass bell, round lead-pipe and newly designed heavier valve caps offer a full sound and great projection. The Yamaha YCR2330 British Style Cornet features include: • Mouthpiece: CR-11E5 • Key: Bb • Bore: ML .459” • Weight: Medium • Bell: 4 - 2/3 Yellow Brass • Finish: Lacquer • Comes with: CR-11E3 mouthp... [view details]
Special order. The Yamaha YCR6330S Bb Cornet is silver plated and features a .462-inch bore with a lightweight design combined with a Shepherd's crook short-type model which gives it a brilliant sound favoured among soloists. The Yamaha Cornet is a professional cornet which is ideal for jazz, pop and light classical works. The Yamaha YCR6330S Bb Cornet features include: • Key: Bb • Bore: .462-inch • Leadpipe: Standard One-Piece Drawn • Leadpipe Material: Gold Brass • Bell: 4-3/4-inch One-Piece • Bell Material: Yellow Brass • Valves: Monel Piston • 1st Val... [view details]
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The Yamaha YCR8335GS Neo Cornet allows you to play with a greater breadth of tone and expressive emotion that will let you create another level of music. The use of gold brass for the lead-pipe, connection tube and main tuning slide gives the Yamaha Neo Cornet a rich, flexible sound and excellent response in the higher register. Developed with 3 of the brass band world's most successful cornet players and conductors, the Neo Cornet brings new musical possibilities to both solo and band performances. The Yamaha YCR8335CS Neo Cornet features include: • One-piece bell for great tonal colo... [view details]

The Yamaha YFH631G Flugelhorn is the traditional Yamaha flugelhorn used by many of the world's leading musicians. The tone of the Yamaha Flugelhorn is characterised by an extremely round, mellow sound with an abundance of tonal colour. It features a gold-brass bell for a soft dark sound and a beautiful lacquer finish.

The Yamaha YFH631G Flugelhorn features include:

  • Bb Flugelhorn
  • Gold-brass, Bell: 152mm (6")
  • Bore size MS: 11.00mm (0.433")
  • 3rd valve slide trigger
  • Clear lacquer
  • Mouthpiece: 11F4
$4,495.00 - $4,595.00
Lacquer version normally in stock -silver plated also available, please call store to order variants. The Yamaha YFH8310Z Bobby Shew Custom Flugelhorn is an updated design based on the traditional smaller bore size that is preferred by Flugelhorn players around the world. The Yamaha YFH8310Z Flugelhorn combines the tonal richness and depth of character of older traditional Flugelhorns while also using high-tech engineering for easy playability and superb intonation. Inspired by Bobby Shew, the Z Flugelhorn features the perfect amount of air resistance so that you can colour your sound exactly ... [view details]