The Jupiter 700 replaces the 452L F Single Horn and is suitable for the smaller player, offering a good hand position. The Jupiter F Single Horn can also be converted to a Bb Horn with an additional set of slides.

The Jupiter JHR700 F Single Horn features include:

  • Lacquer finish
  • 12mm bore
  • 302mm yellow brass bell
  • Hand lapped tapered rotors
  • Unique stringless adjustable valve mechanism
  • Supplied in a hard case

The Jupiter JTU1020 replaces the 376L Eb Tuba and is ideal for students with its robust and easy to play design, making it perfect for high school band programs.

The Jupiter JTU1020 Eb Tuba features include:

  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • 4 piston valves (3 plus 1)
  • 376L Eb Tuba
  • 0.689" (17.5 mm) bore and 4th valve is with 0.748"(19mm) bore
  • 15" (381 mm) bell
  • Rose brass mouthpipe
  • 3 removable top action and 1 side valve with stainless steel pistons
  • Clear lacquered, nickel or silver plated finish
  • Wood frame case w/wheels
The Jupiter 700E Student Flute is an excellent choice for the beginning flute player. The Jupiter 700 Series Flute utilises the high nickel content in the entire flute tubing to produce an excellent sound quality. A silver-plated nickel silver body and headjoint combine to provide not only durability but enhanced tonal quality and lasting beauty. The Jupiter 700E student flute is a closed hole model with split E mechanism and excellent tonal characteristics and accurate intonation. It is built to be durable and free-blowing whilst maintaining an attractive price. This series utilizes a high n... [view details]
When it comes to entry level trumpets, it all comes down to valve play, and Jupiter have really nailed it with this beginner model. Lightning fast, smooth stainless steel valves and pistons offer a beautiful playing experience usually found in much pricier instruments. The build quality is 2nd to none and offers up a warm, mature tone for a student trumpet. The Jupiter JTR500 standard Bb Trumpet has a lacquered brass body with stainless steel pistons. This free blowing, well-balanced instrument is designed to be comfortable beginners. Stainless Steel Pistons have remarkably smooth, fast acti... [view details]
DESCRIPTION: The Jupiter JTR700 standard Bb Trumpet has a lacquered brass body with stainless steel pistons. This free blowing, well-balanced instrument is designed to be comfortable for the younger player and beginner while at the same time having a full sound with good intonation and easy response. • Stainless Steel Pistons have remarkably smooth, fast action for improved agility and playability • Adjustable 1st and 3rd Valve Slide allows the player to custom fit the instrument to achieve maximum performance comfort. • Key of Bb • Lacquered Brass Body • 4.8" Bell • Adjusta... [view details]

The Jupiter 1000N Student Bass Clarinet is extremely popular due to the combination of the Jupiter Clarinet's great price and quality. The Jupiter 1000N Clarinet is constructed with quality materials that will make it easy for a student to learn how to play the Bass Clarinet.

The Jupiter 1000N Student Bass Clarinet features include:

  • Durable plastic two-piece body with floor peg  
  • Nickel silver plateau keys and nickel plating
  • Undercut tone holes
  • In line trill keys
  • Adjustable thumb rest and register key
  • Low Eb on bell
  • Wood frame case

The Jupiter JTU1010S replaces the 482S BBb Tuba and is a smaller version of the model 582 Concert Tuba. The Jupiter JTU1010S Tuba features a contoured front action 4 valve cluster with stainless steel valves for comfort and smooth action. Ideal for soloists of any stature, the Jupite JUT1010  BBb Tuba is the perfect choice.

The Jupiter JTU1010 BBb Tuba features include:

  • Contoured Front Action 4 Valve Cluster
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • Removable Valve Section
  • .709” Bore
  • 15” Bell
  • Instrument weight: 20.5kg
  • Silver plated
  • ABS Molded Case (KC-80BA)

The Jupiter JAH700 replaces the 456L Student Tenor Horn and has a lightweight design and comfortable feel, making it ideal for beginners and younger students who are interested in learning the Horn.

The Jupiter JAH700 Student Tenor Horn features include:

  • Lacquered brass body
  • 3 hand-lapped nickel silver pistons
  • .433" bore
  • 7.2" upright bell

Get a well-balanced and easy to play Saxophone with the Jupiter 500 Student Alto Saxophone, which has many additions you'd expect to see on a mid-range Alto Saxophone. Enjoy a reliable, good value for money instrument with the Jupiter Alto Saxophone. The JAS500 replaces the popular JAS567 alto sax.

The Jupiter 500 Student Alto Saxophone features include:

  • Yellow brass body with gold epoxy lacquer baked finish
  • Lacquered brass keys with steel springs
  • Inverted octave key
  • High F# key
  • Waterproof pad
  • 3 point bell to body bracing
  • Wood frame case



Perfect for little fingers, the Jupiter JTU700 replaces the 378L BBb 3/4 Student Tuba and is the most popular primary school band choice. For those who want to learn the Tuba, the Jupiter 3/4 Student Tuba is the best way to get started.

The Jupiter JTU700 BBb 3/4 Student Tuba features include:

  • 0.661" (16.8 mm) bore
  • 14.4" (366 mm) bell 
  • Rose brass mouthpipe - for greater resistance to corrosion and producing warmer tone color 
  • 3 removable top action valves w/nickel plated pistons 
  • Clear lacquered, lacquer finish
  • Wood frame case

The Jupiter JTS500 Tenor Saxophone replaces the JTS587GL. With proven quality and sound, the Jupiter JTS500 Tenor Saxophone is perfect for the student or a doubler on a budget. It features gold lacquer, a high F# key, and a sturdy case.

Popular with students and schools alike, the JTS500 Tenor Saxophone will provide years of playing.

The Jupiter JTS500 Tenor Saxophone features include: 

  • Key of Bb
  • Lacquered brass body
  • Lacquered brass neck
  • Gold-lacquered brass keys
  • High F#
  • Plastic tone boosters
  • Stainless steel springs
  • With ABS moulded case



The Jupiter JBR730 replaces the 360L Baritone Horn and is a lightweight and well-proportioned Baritone Horn that is perfect for children and beginners who are looking to get into playing the Horn.

The Jupiter JBR730 Baritone Horn features include:

  • 0.531" (13.5mm) medium bore
  • 9.5" (242mm) brass bell
  • British type design
  • 3 top action valves with stainless steel pistons
  • Rose brass mouthpipe
  • Nickel silver outer slides
  • Clear lacquer (silver plate also available)
  • Lightweight wood frame case
The Jupiter 1020 replaces the 570L Tribune British Style Euphonium is a top designed non-compensating instrument with a traditional 3+1 valve design. The Jupiter 570 Series Euphonium have 3 top action valves and an angled left-hand 4th valve to eliminate the use of the right-hand pinky finger, making it very comfortable to hold and play. The .570 inch bore of the Jupiter Euphonium offers a warm, rich Euphonium sound perfect for both band and solo work. The Jupiter 570L Tribune British Style Euphonium features include: • Key: Bb • Bore: .570-inch • Bell: 11-inch • Bell Material: Yellow B... [view details]
Please note: we do not normally carry this item in stock but delivery from the supply is usually very quick. The Jupiter JBS1000 Student Baritone Saxophone is best for those who are on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality, durability or playability in their baritone saxophone. The Jupiter JBS1000 Student Baritone Saxophone features include: • Finish: gold lacquer • Key: Eb • Pitch: 440 • Springs: carbon steel • Pad Boosters: metal • High F# (standard) • Front F (standard) • Low A key (standard) • C# articulated • Bell felts: adjustable • Bell: detachable • Mouthpiec... [view details]
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The acclaimed multi-award winning Jupiter Student Bb Clarinet offers a top quality performance and tone that enables new and advancing players to develop their musicianship easily.

The Jupiter 700N Student Clarinet features include:

  • Durable DURALENE plastic body
  • Forged nickel plated nickel silver keys and bell ring
  • 0.583 (14.81mm) bore
  • In-line trill keys
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Individual mounted G#/A key
  • Sturdy curved bridge keys link A/D ring key
  • Classic style French pointed arms
  • Compact hard case and accessories
A great first trombone that plays well in both high and low registers, the JTB730A trombone is an upgraded JTB500A with an improved slide.. Notes pop out easily. Quick response and good tonal quality. Small bore, 8' bell. Brass outer slide with hand lapped chromed-inner slides offer superior response and a more centered tone. The JTB730A student trombone has a new lightweight stackable hardcase – great for school bands. The lacquered brass body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability. The nickel silver outer ... [view details]
Special order. The JHR1100D double horn with detachable bell possesses the tonal color and transparency well suited for any performance. The Geyer wrap reduces resistance and helps produce remarkable volume. With the many professional features, the JHR1100D will take a student through their collegiate education. • Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability • Rose brass leadpipe warms the sound of the instrument and provides enhanced instrument longevity • Precision Mechanical-Linked Tapered Rotary Val... [view details]