Covid 19 - Playing it Safe
Sax & Woodwind …and Brass

Covid 19 - Playing it Safe

Health and Safety 

We are open for business! For information on shipping delays please scroll to the end of this article.

We continue to excercise caution and maintain Covid Safe procedures. This keeps our staff and customers safe, and help us to remain open and provide personal service to our musical community.

  • If you are from a lockdown area you should not be visiting our store.
  • Please do not visit if you have any respiratory symptoms at all. We reserve the right to refuse service to customers with symptoms.
  • Check in by scanning the QR code. Otherwise please write your name and contact number on our check-in list. 
  • All customers regardless of age are asked to use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering our store.
  • Please move away from the front counter area once you have checked in and used hand sanitiser.
  • ​A barrier in front of the counter will help us all maintain our 1.5 metre safety zones.

Services and repairs - 1 week quarantining of instruments is continuing to keep our technicians healthy - we apologise!

Studies on coronaviruses, have found that the viruses can survive on metal, glass and plastic for more than a few days. A recent study shows the virus can survive for several weeks on hard surfaces in the dark. In order to protect our staff and other customers, instruments brought here for servicing or repairs will be quarantined for 1 week before any work is done.

Our technicians may be able to perform quick fixes. However, services and repairs that require dissassembling the instrument are subject to the 7 day quarantine. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter!

Mouthpiece testing - we have a dedicated mouthpiece sanitising station so all brass and woodwind mouthpieces are sanitised and ready for testing.

Instrument testing - If you are planning on buying the same day, then play testing in store is still permitted. For customers not quite yet ready to purchase a new instrument, test playing is for the moment restricted. This is just to limit the playing of instruments, while also reducing the amount of sanitisation staff are required to do. Our specialist staff can help with any information you require to help you narrow your choices if you are not intending on purchasing that day. 

Other procedures

-Increased cleaning and sanitsing of frequently used fixtures and areas in the store.
-Hand sanitiser is available at the counter and all key points in the store, office, and workshop.
-Isolating and monitoring a dedicated mouthpiece sanitising area

Staff have been asked to stay home if they have any upper respiratory symptoms, and this is being adhered to strictly. Please do not visit our store if you have similar symptoms, or if anyone at home is self isolating.

These procedures will be reviewed and updated as the situation changes.

Our online store will remain open. 

If you would like to purchase an instrument online and are concerned about Covid-19, please call or email to discuss.

Stockholding and Pricing

Almost all products we sell are imported into Australia from overseas, either by ourselves or local suppliers. 

Many of our favourite brands are located in countries heavily affected by Covid-19. Product supply from Europe, the UK, Japan, China and other countries continues to be affected by the fallout from the virus. Sea freight has been disprupted, and air freight has been heavily affected. All this means that the replenishment of certain stock lines could be delayed. We believe that the time taken to transport products from their source is sufficient to function as a quarantine, and many shipments from overseas are fumigated prior to going through Customs.

The Australian exchange rate has fluctuated against the US dollar and the Euro, which means that local suppliers of many products such as D'Addario, Vandoren, and Yamaha have raised their prices. Our imports from companies such as Buffet and Selmer have also been affected. We apologise for these unavoidable increases which are beyond our control.

On the bright side - we continue to offer our great product range at the best prices we can!

A message from Australia Post regarding delivery delays:
"We’re working hard to deliver as safely and quickly as possible, but the impacts of the pandemic are causing significant delays. Thank you for your patience."

Express Post delays: Our Express Post service is seeing significant delays in delivery. This means that while we continue to prioritise Express Post, and most parcels shipped via this service arrive on time, some could take 5 business days or more to reach their destination. 




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