AAA+ Amazing Azumi flutes with Altus headjoints
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AAA+ Amazing Azumi flutes with Altus headjoints

We invite you to test the high-quality flutes from Azumi now in store at Sax & Woodwind...and Brass!

Characterized by the easy response, a vital powerful sound and easy focus of the tone, and supported by 925 Sterling-silver, players can quickly reach a beautiful, warm and big sound.

The headjoint design is one of the most important elements for the characteristic of a  flute´s tone. The significance of the headjoint inspired the founder of AZUMI flutes, Shuichi Tanaka, to produce a handmade headjoint combined with a flute body that is affordable, yet of a high production quality. With this vision the AZUMI flute series was born – to satisfy the different demands of the beginner and the advanced musician. 

Beautiful Sound: The open, room-filling tone of an AZUMI flute impresses from the outset with its brilliant, clear, strong heights, sustaining mid-tones and sonorous depths.

Rapid achievement: The AZUMI Z series is particularly popular with flute students due to their easy and responsive articulation and simple focus of tone. Rapid achievements are possible on these flutes, allowing for the important elements of fun and motivation to shine through. The flutes are also highly recommended when a strong presence of tone is required.

Richness of tone: Advanced flute players with high demands for both tone production and design features will discover outstanding models in the AZUMI S series, supporting and extending their play in all genres and situations, allowing for successful playing in orchestras, chamber music groups, wind ensembles and also as a soloist.

Z2 – Series

The silver headjoint flute for advanced players looking for a personal sound with character.

Z3 – Series

The full silver model is impressing with the powerful yet versatile sound, supported by the high amount of silver used for the headjoint and body.

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