BuzzBuddy - A Revolution in Comfortable Playing!
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BuzzBuddy - A Revolution in Comfortable Playing!

The BuzzBuddy™ provides a lip cushion to make it more comfortable to play and will not interfere with your buzz.

it is designed to fit a 3C Trumpet mouthpiece but may fit most sizes. It is also suitable for Cornet and Flugelhorn.

The BuzzBuddy™ is perfect for;

  • Braces & Dental Work
  • Marching Bands
  • Cold Weather
  • Lip Injuries

Suitable for Beginners to Professionals

Designed in Australia.

Made from FDA (USA) approved food grade silicone.

See what people are saying on the supplier's website:

“My students with braces on their teeth absolutely love their BuzzBuddy! It has literally saved them from the brink of surrender to now really loving their trumpet playing again.

"I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it’s a real game changer and every brass teacher out there needs to check out this device ASAP. 
Thank you BuzzBuddy!!”
 - John Coulton

“Since using the BuzzBuddy™ my playing stamina has improved and I can practice for longer. My tone is less airy and just better overall” - Connor, Student

“The BuzzBuddy™ is a great device. Without it, my son would no longer be playing the trumpet” - Paula, Mother

"The BuzzBuddy™ is great for any Brass student dealing with problems around playing with braces, using too much pressure, or playing in marching bands!! Check it out!!" - John Foster, Pro Trumpet Player


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