Cambridge Brass Band Instruments
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Cambridge Brass Band Instruments

Made to our own specifications based on years of experience, the new Cambridge low brass instruments are sturdy and fantastic for learners or advancing students.

Quality manufacture and affordability are the cornerstones of the Cambridge brand. 

With new stylish cases.

  • Bb cornets in lacquer or silver plate
  • Bb 3 valve Baritone horns
  • Bb 4 Valve Baritone horns
  • Bb Compensating Baritone horns
  • Bb 4 valve Euphoniums
  • Bb 4 Valve Compensating Euphoniums
  • BBb Compensating Tubas
  • EEb Compensating Tubas
  • NEW!!! 3/4 sized Bb and F Single French horns

Visit us in Sydney! We are brass music specialists for high and low brass for all levels.



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