ErgoBrass Wind Instrument Supports - New Shipment In Store Now
Sax & Woodwind …and Brass
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ErgoBrass Wind Instrument Supports - New Shipment In Store Now

Based in Finland ERGObrass Ltd specialises in developing ergonomic brass and woodwind playing supports. They are a more comfortable, efficient and healthy way to play brass instruments, With ErgoBrass you are always a lot more relaxed, and when you feel better, you’ll sound better! Once you have learned the new movements, you will be more free feeling as the instrument is nearly weightless. 

You will develop a much better posture automatically. This is especially important for kids! In the long run, the possibility for playing related musculoskeletal problems, even injuries, diminish radically due to a more relaxed upper body, more efficient breathing and better air flow control. You will not need to put down and lift the instrument as often, and it is quite easy to keep the instrument for a few bars in playing position and just balance it with your relaxed hands.

The ErgoBrass supports are available at Sax & Woodwind...and Brass for:

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