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Basic Instrument Care Guides

General advice on maintaining your instrument in between services:

ALL wind instruments need some attention from time to time, so regular servicing is a great idea. About once a year is normal for a general service, this should include adjustments and lubrication of all moving parts. Between services, you can do quite a bit yourself by following the simple and quick procedures listed below:

  • Always dry your instrument after playing, rinse the mouthpiece and remove any fingermarks or dust from the instrument with a soft dry cloth.
  • Don't put any wet cleaning cloths into the case with the instrument. Give them a while to dry first or store them separately. Leave the case open with the instrument inside occasionally to let it air.
  • Avoid extremes of temperature and humidity - this includes leaving an instrument in a car or near a window or heater.
  • Before picking up your case, make sure all clasps or zippers are securely done up (and that the instrument is inside). Don't put any loose items in the case with the instrument - use the compartments provided or carry them separately (this includes music books).
  • Move all slides, keys and valves of brass instruments on a regular basis This keeps the oil on the parts where it is needed

This information applies to all wind instruments whether clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, french horn or lower brass. Keep records of your serial number in case your instrument is lost or stolen. If you purchased it from us we will have a record of the serial number.

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