Instrument Repairs and Servicing
Sax & Woodwind …and Brass
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Instrument Repairs and Servicing

Call 02 95574599 to book in your instrument for repairs/service. Please call well in advance!

Update: Emergency repairs will NOT be accepted until further notice.


During these challenging times, which don't look like ending soon, we require that all instruments be quarantined in-store for 7 days prior to servicing. This is in order to keep our staff safe, as instrument services require close work. We appreciate your understanding.

Sax & Woodwind...and Brass services clarinets, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, oboes, bassoons, and lower brass, and now recorders and certain baroque woodwind. We are authorised repairers for all major wind instrument brands.  This article may help if it has been recommended that your instrument be serviced and you are not sure why.

Sax & Woodwind...and Brass will not be held responsible for items left in the case other than the instrument itself. Be sure to remove all accessories including mouthpieces, swabs, grease etc from the case. The exception is if the mouthpiece is necessary to size a new neck cork or lead pipe. 

  • Charges are based on the time taken (plus parts) with a minimum charge of $60.  
  • Customisations: Simply make an appointment if you wish to have your instrument set up to other than factory specifications. Standard hourly repair rates apply.
  • Emergency repairs are strictly at the discretion of the technicians and management and may be subject to a priority fee.

General service price guide (excluding parts eg pads, springs etc, and sundry workshop materials )
Flutes from $300
Clarinets from $200, Pro clarinets from $300
Alto/tenor Sax from $250
Student oboes from $300, Pro oboes from $400
Bassoons from $400
Trumpets and trombones from $200
French Horns from $350
Alto horns, baritone horns, euphoniums and tubas: by quotation

Services offered:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning*
  • The latest repair techniques used
  • Modern precision tooling and equipment
  • Internationally trained technicians
  • Personalised service, whether student or professional instruments
  • Minor/emergency repairs
  • Annual services
  • Dent removal
  • Instrument overhauls
  • Modifications and customisation
  • Cleaning/polishing

*Please note: Ultrasonic cleaning can adversely affect the finish of some instruments, particularly if the finish has been predisposed by age or use. Sax & Woodwind does not accept responsibility for this.

Nut allergies: please inform staff if you have a nut allergy and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts in and around the workshop and store. Unless requested, our technicians use sweet almond oil to oil wooden instruments. If you have a nut allergy, please ask for synthetic bore oil.

Warranties: if you have purchased the instrument from us and you think the repair is a warranty issue, just ask and our technicians will assess the instrument. If necessary we will contact the factory or supplier. Please note that some lacquer problems, case issues, as well as normal wear and tear and damage, are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Cases may have a shorter warranty period than the instrument itself.

Replacement instruments: if required while yours is being serviced or repaired, we may be able provide a replacement for a minimal fee for as long as your instrument is with us. (Student instruments only are available, and quantities are limited - please enquire).

Payment: required on pickup of instrument. Please bring your receipt. Failure to pay for the instrument within 3 months of the customer being informed of its completion will result in the sale of the instrument to recoup costs.

Pads, cork, or spare parts are not available for public purchase. Only experienced technicians should perform repairs or maintenance on your instrument. However if you require spare parts, please try the suppliers linked below.

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