Covid 19 - Keeping Safe
Sax & Woodwind …and Brass

Covid 19 - Keeping Safe

Health and Safety 

To help protect our customers and staff, we have implemented some procedure changes to help reduce the spread of the virus.

  • We remain open to business, however please do not visit if you have any respiratory symptoms or have recently returned from overseas.

  • Customers are asked to wait outside the store until a room becomes free.

Please knock or call 02 9557 4588 when you are outside and we will attend to you. We've provided hand sanitser for your use, and installed a barrier to help us all maintain our 1.5 metre safety zones.

  • Services and major repairs - 1 week quarantining of instruments - we apologise!

Studies on coronaviruses, have found that the viruses can survive on metal, glass and plastic for several days. In order to protect our staff and other customers, instruments brought here for servicing or major repairs will be quarantined for 1 week before any work is done.

The technicians may be able to perform a very quick fix, if they are able to wear gloves doing so. However, some repairs require heating, solvents or delicate work not compatible with gloves. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter!

  • Payments

From Saturday March 21, Sax & Woodwind...and Brass will be accepting contactless payments only (credit cards, eftpos cards, and direct bank deposits). If this is a problem for you please call 02 9557 4588.

  • Other changes in procedures

-increased cleaning and sanitsing of items and areas in the store subject to handling
-increased washing of swabs and cloths
-availability of tissues and hand sanitiser at the counter
-increased handwashing by staff
-isolating and monitoring a dedicated mouthpiece sanitising area

Staff have been asked to stay home if they have any upper respiratory symptoms, and this is being adhered to strictly. Please do not visit our store if you have similar symptoms, or if you have returned from overseas travel in the past fortnight.

These procedures will be reviewed and updated as the situation develops.

Our online store will remain open. 

If you would like to purchase an instrument online and are concerned about Covid-19, please call or email to discuss.

Stockholding and Pricing

Almost all products we sell are imported into Australia from overseas, either by ourselves or local suppliers. 

Many of our favourite brands are located in countries affected by Covid-19, and factories in some of these areas have announced temporary closures, particularly: France, Germany, and the USA. Whilst sea freight largely continues with minor disruptions, air freight has been heavily affected. This means that the replenishment of certain stock lines could be delayed.

The Australian exchange rate has suffered badly against the US dollar and the Euro, which means that some products will be facing price increases in the very near future. Local suppliers have already put price rises in place. We apologise for these unforseen and unavoidable price increases, and hope that in time the exchange rate will improve once again.

On the bright side - most stock is still available at our usual great prices!





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