Theo Wanne - Legendary Saxophone Mouthpieces
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Theo Wanne - Legendary Saxophone Mouthpieces

Manufacturing EXACTLY as designed.

As an expert in mouthpiece design, Theo Wanne needs his sax mouthpieces to be manufactured exactly like his designs, which is why the company has invested so heavily in manufacturing technology.  

Using the world's most advanced machining technologies to finish the most important areas like the baffle means that every mouthpiece will play as well as the original design.   

Theo’s mouthpiece designs are complex and the tooling must sculpt the intricate interior geometries in very hard to reach places such as the chamber and inner sidewalls.  

Other manufacturers get away with simpler designs, or inaccurate manufacturing techniques to get around these issues.  For example, other machining manufacturers must make the window longer or put holes in the table to try and get a True-Large Chamber™ sound. Other manufacturers mold or cast their mouthpieces to get features like rounded-inner-sidewalls.  However, casting techniques can cause shrinkage in the mouthpieces during the cooling processes – hence the final mouthpiece will never be accurate, or as good as the original design.  

Visit Sax & Woodwind...and Brass and try some of the most amazing saxophone mouthpieces we have ever heard. We keep a range of mouthpieces for soprano, alto, and tenor in stock but they sell quickly, so call or email if you want to know what's currently available.

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