Save your lips with ChopSaver. 100% natural, Chopsaver combines the goodness of herbs with nature's finest oils and butters. ChopSaver Gold Lip Balm has the added benefit of SPF15 sunscreen, as well as the essential oils of citrus fruits.


Save your lips with ChopSaver. 100% natural, Chopsaver combines the goodness of herbs with nature's finest oils and butters. ChopSaver Original Lip Balm is made from the essential oils of citrus fruits.


For those experiencing extreme discomfort while playing wind instruments, the Lip Protector is recomended by orthodontists to help minimise the impact of braces on your practice routine.


Practice blowing into a mouthpiece with a BERP. The BERP helps teach you to blow into resistance, and become more aware of the resistance within your body and how to avoid it with proper breath support. The BERP will help you fix your sound before it gets amplified by the mouthpiece and instrument.

You can use the BERP to warm up before playing to focus the air going through your instrument, or help through your practice sessions.

Use the BERP with a trumpet, trombone, French Horn, or tuba.


Bag for horn, tenor trombone and bass trombone mutes. Sunshine yellow nylon with side zip.

Never lose your mute!


The Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller has become the standard in the industry. Used worldwide by repair technicians, professional musicians, and educators. Works on all brass instruments. The easy, safe to use design takes just seconds to remove even severely stuck mouthpieces.

Sturdy construction, compact design, and no loose parts or attachments to keep track of.

The ERGObrass French Horn Support will help you hold up your French Horn over longer periods of playing without you having to deal with tension and stress on your body. By using an ERGObrass support you'll be able to stay totally relaxed while playing, as well as feeling very comfortable. After two years of world wide success with the ERGObone for Trombone players, ERGObrass Ltd proudly brings to you the second innovation: the ERGObrass for French Horn. The ERGObrass is an auxiliary device for all French Horn players that will give you a more comfortable, effective and healthy way of play... [view details]