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The S.E. Shires Master Bb Trumpet is a lightweight commercial horn that will deliver a cracking sound. The S.E. Shires Trumpet has a one piece, hand hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, and hand-lapped Monel pistons. Enjoy an awesome response from the S.E. Shires Master Trumpet.

The S.E. Shires Master Bb Trumpet features include:

  • Bore: Med/large
  • WH leadpipe
  • W tuning slide
  • Heavy brass valve caps
  • Silverplated
  • Engraved
  • No case or mouthpiece included
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The S.E. Shires Michael Davis Artist Bb Jazz Trombone is the result of a close collaboration between Michael Davis and the craftsmen of S. E. Shires. The S.E. Shires Jazz Trombone is genuinely unique and includes several specific design elements not found on any other S.E. Shires trombone. The Michael Davis Trombone is a truly amazing jazz horn with incredible flexibility, versatility and dexterity as well as helping you deliver a rich sound with a beautiful feel and great character. The S.E. Shires Michael Davis Artist Bb Jazz Trombone features include: • Two-piece • 7.5" diameter ... [view details]
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S.E. Shires developed the Model 4F in conjunction with some of America's leading orchestral players. It features a special "4" bell taper with a slightly square bell bend, side seam, and French bead. These characteristics give its sound added complexity, cushion the blow slightly, and enhance its projection and power. The bell of the 4F is made with the traditional, longer bend to which many players are accustomed. For some players, this can open up the feel on top of the staff; for others, it improves the attack. Matched with a YEB leadpipe and W tuning slide, it produces an id... [view details]
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The S.E. Shires Bb/F Axial Flow TBSCA Trombone is a large bore Tenor Trombone was the first line of instruments Shires produced, and it helped establish their reputation as one of the world’s leading brass instrument designers. The S.E. Shires Trombone is the ideal instrument for any orchestral setting, as well as being resonant and responsive enough for solo and chamber music performance. The S.E. Shires Custom tenor trombone is a versatile instrument with a clear, pure sound and the consistency, playability, and projection that has made S.E. Shires trombones the favorites of professio... [view details]
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The S.E. Shires Vintage New York trombone is an ideal instrument for any professional musician or advanced student. Inspired by the classic New York and Mt. Vernon bells, this one-piece bell is constructed with the broader TII taper and features a large, rich, warm sound. The yellow-brass bell provides a clear, pure sound with strong fundamental, keeps a very consistent tone color and overtone structure throughout the range of dynamics. The yellow brass, .547 bore, tenor handslide with bass crook provides a broad sound and open feel. The S.E. Shires axial-flow valve offers smooth, accurate op... [view details]
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The S.E. Shires Model TRBLW trumpet features a lightweight version of the broad “B” bell that allows for even faster response and an open high register. Brilliant and nimble, it navigates technical passages with flexibility and ease. It sounds warm, round, and intimate at when played softly, but sizzles at high volumes—and projects easily to the back of any performance space. The openness of the standard W leadpipe provides a free, stable-slotting, but flexible blow; its relatively fast taper adds brilliance to the characteristic warmth of the B bell taper. Yellow-brass balus... [view details]
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The S.E. Shires Master Bb/F Dual Bore Rotary Valve Trombone is a top quality, aspirational instrument that is handmade with quality materials and a great amount of care. The S.E. Shires Master Trombone is efficient, easy to play, great sounding and designed to appeal to players of all genres with unique resonance and richness of tone. The S.E. Shires Master Bb/F Dual Bore Rotary Valve Trombone features include: • Bell: 8 1/2 inch two-piece hand-hammered, with traditionally brazed seams and soldered bead • Valve: Dual Bore rotary valve • Slide: .547 inch bore in yellow brass • Tuning sli... [view details]
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This unique variation on the popular Model A trumpet features a special, slightly squarer bell bend with a side seam and standard brass bead. It produces a brilliant, broad tone of medium density with marvelous projection and easy response. The WH leadpipe provides and ideal combination of stability and flexibility; its free-blowing character compliments the centered bell taper. Nickel-silver balusters and valve caps add brilliance and character to the sound, increase its core, and contribute to cleanness and immediacy of attack. This trumpet makes a great choice as an all-around instrument fo... [view details]