The Yamaha Venova - take it with you!
Sax & Woodwind …and Brass
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The Yamaha Venova - take it with you!

Now here’s a musical instrument simple and durable enough to take anywhere. Just breathe into it and have fun making this wind instrument sing! More powerful than it looks, the Venova can also handle delicate melodies. The more you play, the more you’ll discover its wide expressive range. Beginners or professionals alike will have plenty of fun with this musical innovation!

Like a saxophone or clarinet, the Venova is a single-reed instrument that achieves various sound nuances according to the way you blow. The full two-octave range lets you enjoy playing a wide variety of tunes.

With your Venova, the music and smiles never stop! Venova lets you blast powerful notes or produce beautiful soft melodies, offering a rich range of musical expression. As versatile as the performer, it’s great for any type of music.

Check it out today:

  • Length 460mm, weight 180g

  • Case: 507mm long and weighs 508g

  • The durable ABS resin body is water washable, with a simple structure that’ s easy to clean

  • Easy fingering similar to a recorder

  • Spans two octaves

  • The fingering is simple and easy even for beginners                                       


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