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The Besson Sovereign BE-928 Cornet has a large, full sound that will deliver whether you're in a brass band or a soloist. The Besson Cornet has a warmth and depth of tone, while also offering a brilliance and projection. Ideal for a variety of situations, the Besson Sovereign Cornet is the ultimate professional instrument. The Besson Sovereign BE-928 Cornet features include: • Key: Bb • Bore: .465 (11.84mm) • Bell diameter: 5 (124mm) • Weight: 1.10kg • Valves: 3 top center sprung monel • Water keys: 2 • 1st and 3rd valve triggers • Finishes: Lacquer or Silver P... [view details]
The Besson Sovereign BBb 4 valve compensated Tuba is considered the fundamental base of each brass band. This large size Besson Tuba is well-known for the "sound wall" it creates, which the whole orchestra can build on. The Besson BE-994 BBb Tuba has a 483mm-19" inch diameter bell, putting you completely in touch with this instrument's superb sound. You can rely on Besson instruments to deliver an unequaled quality and performance. The BE-994 Tuba demonstrates perfect intonation throughout the registers and provides an immense dynamic range and powerful low register. The B... [view details]
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The Besson Sovereign 967T 4 Valve Euphonium is an example of the best in brass manufacturing with recent upgrades taking the Besson Sovereign Euphonium to the next step. The Besson Be-967T Euphonium is a fully compensating instrument with a clear and powerful sound right throughout its entire range. A standard large bore instrument, the Sovereign Euphonium has led the way with sound quality since 1972. The Besson Sovereign Euphonium has 4 valves with a compensating tuning system and 3 water keys, while the leadpipe has an innovative positioning that creates a lively response. The mouthpipe als... [view details]
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The Besson Prestige 4 Valve Euphonium is the ultimate euphonium in the brass world with top quality features and strikingly good looks. Making use of new valve technology, you'll be able to tell the difference with the superbly smooth and rapid action while you play. You can enjoy control over all aspects of tuning with the famous trigger feature as standard. The famous Besson tuning slide trigger has a new protective shield and snap-on ball quick release system, as well as a longer tuning slide for increased flexibility of pitch range and trigger use; classic leadpipe with single fixing stud;... [view details]
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The Besson Sovereign Eb Alto/Tenor Horn creates a beautiful tonal quality that will work well whether you're playing in a brass band or solo.  Besson Horns are regarded amongst the most successful and highly regarded instruments on the market, with a quality construction that will create a powerful sound you can rely on.

Take your horn playing to the next level with the Besson Sovereign Eb Alto/Tenor Horn.

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The Besson Prestige 4 Valve Baritone Horn has an even response and clarity with a valve system that delivers matchless tuning throughout its range. The Besson Prestige Baritone Horn is seen as the choice of leading baritone virtuosi and top band players with the most thrilling fortissimos and whispering pianissimos. The Besson Prestige 4 Valve Baritone Horn features include: • Key: Bb • Bore: .54 (13.8mm) • Bell diameter: 9.1/2 (241.3mm) • Valves: 4 bottom sprung stainless steel • Compensating system • Supplied outfit, in case with Alliance mouthpiece in leather case a... [view details]
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The Besson BE-2050 Prestige Eb Alto/Tenor Horn has been designed to meet the demands of the modern day player, with all the qualities of the BE950 and much more. Enjoy the market leader in alto/tenor horn design with the Prestige 2050 Horn. The updated version of the Besson Prestige Eb Horn has the addition of the main tuning slide trigger, as well as modifications to the lead pipe and ergonomics of the trigger position. The luxuriant tone of the Besson Horn will help blend both sides of the brass band together. The Besson Prestige Horn has an array of tonal possibilities, without ever having ... [view details]
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The Besson Prestige BE-2028 Bb Cornet is the instrument of choice for both soloists and top bands with a redesigned valve block and a fully adjustable microball main tuning slide trigger. The Besson BE-2028 Cornet has many of the playing characteristics of the old 921's and original International cornets that were really loved in the 70's. The Besson Prestige Cornet has an array of impressive tone colours and centred tone, as well as a main tuning slide trigger and dashing good looks. It offers a focused and intense sound with sensational valve action, so that you can deliver music as... [view details]
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The Besson Sovereign BE-982 Concert Model EEb Tuba is one of the most famous designs in tuba development history. The Besson Sovereign Tuba produces a wider symphonic tone and has carriage rings and a slightly smaller tapered leadpipe than the 981. The Besson Sovereign BE-982 EEb Tuba features inlcude: • EEb • Bore :.681 / 17,30 mm • Bell :Yellow brass 17" or 19" / 431 mm ou 483 mm • Valves :4 compensating valves (3+1) in stainless steel • Waterkeys :4 • Weight :20lb 8oz / 9300g • Outfit :Shaped ABS case with wheels and two handles, Alliance mouthpiece, micro-fiber cloth, ... [view details]
The Besson Sovereign baritone horn has an even response and clarity in a variety of articulations, with the 3 valve compensating system delivering matchless tuning throughout its range. It's been seen the choice of leading baritone virtuosi and top band players. It's the sound conductors want to hear from the right side of a brass band, capable of the most thrilling fortissimos and whispering pianissimos. A compensating horn, the BE955 baritone improves intonation in the lower register. Its 9.5 bell allows for the ultimate in projection and volume. The BE955 baritone has an easy response and ... [view details]
One only at this great price! The Besson New Standard euphonium provides an excellent start for the careers of aspiring euphonium players. Modeled after the classic BESSON of years past, they are free blowing with an ease of tone production combined with an even response, excellent valve action, as well as being comfortable for both embouchure and fingers. • Key :Bb • Bore :.580 / 14,72 mm • Bell :Yellow brass 11" / 280 mm • Valves :3 stainless steel • Waterkeys :2 • Features Removable water catcher, fixed lyre box • Hard case with zippers, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, valve oil ... [view details]